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And the feeling is mutual. Here’s what our partners and friends have to say about Ridge Paragon.

"I have been using the bookkeeping services provided by Ridge Paragon for the past year and I couldn't be happier. Their team of experts has been able to keep my finances organized and up to date, freeing up time for me to focus on growing my business. Their communication and attention to detail are top-notch and I would highly recommend their services to any business owner."
Expert ecommerce accounting services

Isabel Mendoza

Owner, Childrenchic

"I have been thoroughly impressed with the bookkeeping services provided by Ridge Paragon. Their team of experts is knowledgeable and always goes above and beyond to ensure that my finances are in order. They have made the process of tracking and managing my finances so much easier and stress-free. I would highly recommend their services to any business looking for a top-notch bookkeeping solution."
Ridge Paragon ecommerce accounting

Miguel Bentolila

CEO, Shopango

"As a small business owner for over 10 years, keeping track of finances was always very time-consuming and daunting. Ridge Paragon changed this for me. Their quick response times, efficient work, exceptional service, and know-how has allowed me to invest my time elsewhere and have a more precise and clear view of my company's finances at the same time. I highly recommend their services to anyone looking for a reliable and efficient bookkeeping solution."
Client Testimonial Ridge Paragon ecommerce accounting

Kevin Aserraf

Owner, Mudify

And Here’s Why Our Clients Are For Life

Ecommerce specialists

As eCommerce bookkeepers and CFOs, we work exclusively with Shopify sellers, Amazon FBA sellers, and more just like you, all across the U.S.

Ecommerce expertise at your fingertips - Our specialists focus solely on serving the unique needs of online sellers across Canada and the US.

A team that adapts to your needs

Our approachable team respects your needs, time, and budget constraints

Straightforward pricing

Explore transparent, highly competitive pricing and fair packages with ZERO hidden fees

Efficient, effective, and easy - Our no-nonsense approach to bookkeeping and finance management ensures you get the best service with no fuss.

No-nonsense service

Our goal is simple: To help you manage your bookkeeping and finances better.

Professional accounting is no longer a luxury

You’re guaranteed professional yet affordable eCommerce accounting services.

Accessible accounting for eCommerce entrepreneurs - Professional accounting services are now affordable and accessible to all online sellers. Choose Ridge Paragon today.

What We Do

Unlock The Power to Scale Your eCommerce Empire

You’ve got a business to grow, but neglecting the accounting side of things can have dire (and costly) consequences. Number-crunching shouldn’t keep you up at night. Let our team do what they do best, so you can do the same.

Seeing online stores like yours scale and enjoy profitable growth is what drives us forward. We want to play our part in helping entrepreneurs’ dreams come true by unlocking the financial data they need to make better business decisions.

Streamline your financials with expert eCommerce accountants - From bookkeeping to tax advisory, Ridge Paragon helps eCommerce sellers achieve financial success.
Ecommerce accounting for online businesses

We do everything under one roof

There’s no need for your existing bookkeeper to learn the ins and outs of eCommerce accounting. From eCommerce bookkeeping services to inventory cost accounting, cash flow management, KPI tracking and budgeting, we are eCommerce bookkeepers and Fractional CFO specialists – at your service.

Ridge Paragon ecommerce accounting

We’re creative

Our eCommerce CFOs and bookkeepers do more than crunch numbers. By combining advanced technology with good old-fashioned common sense, we consistently find creative solutions to our clients’ unique challenges, no matter how complex.

Expert ecommerce accounting services

We’re eCommerce specialists

Our team has worked with enough Amazon, Shopify, and more clients over the years to know eCommerce accounting like the back of our hands.

Ready for a new CFO?

We want you to feel at home with Ridge Paragon, guided by a passionate eCommerce accountant who knows your business as intimately as you do. When you’re ready to work with accountants that care, you know what to do.

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