Go Beyond Bookkeeping

Don’t know where to start with managing your eCommerce finances better? Contacting Ridge Paragon is the best first step.

ecommerce cash flow management experts

Why a Fractional CFO?

Understand what the numbers are saying

Listening to your business can sometimes be overwhelming. Our team simplifies this by creating and managing budgets, cash flow scenarios and tracking KPI scorecards. Saving you time along the way.

shopify and ecommerce cash flow management experts
ecommerce accountants and bookkeepers

Escape the negative

Through regular monitoring, you can stay out of the red and prove that prevention is always better than cure.

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More business clarity

Discover exactly how your online business is growing relative to your objectives.

shopify, amazon, and ecommerce cash flow management specialists

Get actionable insights

Unlock the full picture by analyzing the numbers with an expert every month.

Make ends meet easier

Stop struggling to stay afloat month after month and sleep easier at night by making sure to make sense of your projections.

shopify, amazon, and ecommerce cash flow management specialists

How it Works

Step 1

First, The Audit

Every successful financial venture accurate numbers. If you are a new client, we’ll explore your books and make sure everything is running smoothly.

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Step 2

Next, The Budget

Together, we’ll project a realistic outlook to make sure we anticipate what is coming and track on a monthly basis whether we are on track.

ecommerce taxes and accounting
Step 3

Third, The Cash Flow Scenario

Through accurate eCommerce sales and expenses forecasting – using your business history as well as added variables – we can make sure no ends are left loose, so you know exactly what you can expect.

ecommerce taxes and sales projection for cash flow management
Step 4

Last But Not Least, The Scorecard

Get empowered to make better business decisions by knowing what your returns are on sales, capital and equity. Get actionable insights on where things should improve or if you should keep going full throttle.

ecommerce taxes and sales projection for monthly cash flow management

Your Full Financial Stack

We leave no stone unturned, because you deserve the best. From expenses to revenue, bank transactions, payroll data, KPIs, cash flow, budgeting and more, we’ll ensure it’s all in your Quickbooks account, so you have a holistic financial overview available every month, anywhere, from any device.

Automate tax reporting and payment, keep more of your money, and ensure zero room for error

Eliminate the headache of inventory cost accounting every single month. We use the accrual method to make sure you look at your real profit.

Make sure you always have enough money to run and build your business, thanks to good cash flow management

Ready for a new CFO?

We want you to feel at home with Ridge Paragon, guided by a passionate eCommerce accountant who knows your business as intimately as you do. When you’re ready to work with accountants that care, you know what to do.

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